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Blockchain, ethics and sustainability

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We have designed and implemented a eco-sustainable concept of new trusted corporate networks, that, by breaking down economic barriers and connecting processes and organizations through the TRINCI blockchain, unlock enormous amounts of value that were previously trapped within a non-shared economy.

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Status Quo

The world is not an infinite space, the resources it produces every year are limited, we consume twice as much as the planet Earth is able to offer and there is no doubt that our current exploitation of resources is unsustainable, especially with an increasingly growing population which entails increasingly expensive procurement cycles, more serious environmental impacts and accessibility limited to only a few. The panorama of depleted raw materials is increasing: not only oil and other mineral resources, but also water and fertile land. Industrialization and globalization gave birth to a new capitalist phenomenon that, although it is economically efficient, has made it more convenient to throw away a resource rather than repair it, optimize it, resell it or exploit it in any other way.


Our challenge began by rethinking the way we produce and consume, trying to support a more efficient organization of resources that takes into account environmental implications. Today humanity was been able to dominate the production capacity to such a point that, at the sixth solar month, the industrial requirement exceeds the capacity of terrestrial production. A loss-making budget that will generate a devastating failure. For this reason, in our opinion, it was important to find a technological connection thanks to which the supply of resources could find an environmental benefit in the management of production / relocation. We have called it "Sharing Economy Design", a synoptic model that aims to favor the respect for today’s times and for natural cycles. A new self sustained data management paradigm based on organized cooperation, managing processes at a deep level of interconnection organized by Smart-Contract that operate on the most dynamic and powerful Blockchain that the world has ever seen.

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Decentralized Synopsis

Sharing Economy Design is a data flow management protocol that organizes and manages information through the TRINCI Blockchain and operates through a hardware network with environmental impact close to 0, distributed and decentralized (IndependentChain). The system has the precise aim to create a communication protocol between dislocated structures that, through an adequate programming, allows to transform “digital” discards into resources, eliminating waste and creating value where before there was a loss. This synoptic management and sharing of information is capable of bringing together many solutions in a single distributed architecture, favoring a new digital era of organic communications "peer to peer from server to server". Furthermore, by allowing interactions between different functions, it creates benefits and incentives for users and new opportunities for the entire network. Therefore, thanks to the elimination of the distances between the economic actors, users unintentionally collaborate with each other, favoring the flow of the economy in a sustainable way.


With the advent of smartphones, and in particular of apps, today it is possible to send videos, images, emoticons, texts and audio messages instantly. These new forms of communication offer different solutions through which to express themselves. However, smartphones today are invaded by applications for every need, apps that take up space and are often not used or used little because of their limited and limited functionality. Here, if our model were married by the developers, integrating the Synkrony wallet into their apps, the applications would no longer be simple independent and solitary systems, on the contrary they could collaborate with each other in a grid of defined protocols, exchanging functional information for management organized data flows in total safety thanks to T.R.I.N.C.I. Blockchain technology, a scenario capable of taking advantage of collective interactions by applying the synopsis to peer-to-peer reciprocity by organizing all the collective interactions of an ecosystem, in a multidimensional architecture that opens the way to a new concept of computer systems.



Applications and Interactions in blockchain the "Synkrony Alias"

The IndependentChain distributed and decentralized Registry combined with a technology that allows the management of data in a scalable and secure way, such as T.R.I.N.C.I., have allowed creating Faretra, an inviolable communication protocol that allows the organic management of data flows between displaced structures. An ecosystem with precise intentions, which, through adequate planning, makes it possible to transform I.T. scraps into resources, bringing benefits to real life in an interactive and connected community. Nowadays, in the digital economy, enormous amounts of value are trapped within processes and organizations that do not interact with each other. Thanks to the Faretra protocol it is now possible to start a model of collaboration between peers who unintentionally collaborate with one another, favouring the flow of the economy, individual economic growth and that of the entire network. It all starts with a unique identifiable interface that can be downloaded or associated with an app already in possession, the Synkrony Alias.



Our philosophy connects separate worlds, creating integrated systems that before T.R.I.N.C.I. they could not be imagined since any existing underlying technology was not sufficiently powerful to meet the needs of this model.


The decentralized synoptic gives life to a new technological paradigm in blockchain, which allows concentrating the strength of entire communities in a system of sharing resources.


The aim is to optimize the processes in an unlimited number of synoptic applications on blockchains, connected by smart-contract according to deterministic prerogatives capable of supporting interactions on a global scale that allow to manage activities in a sustainable way, allowing them to collaborate asymmetrically putting this back into economic flow that in the ordinary course of operations it was lost.

The beneficiaries of our technology will initially be those who work in sectors with very high dispersion in document management: banks, health facilities, governments, insurance, tourism sector, customs, large-scale retail trade, certifying bodies, education, public transport and logistics. The impact they will have with the use of the blockchain T.R.I.N.C.I. will immediately result in: reduction of costs, waste, recovery of lost or missing resources, consolidation of turnover, margins and market, increase in customers.