Eco Token:

The Ginosa & Marina App brings the Circular Economy to the community.

The more you recycle, the more you save

Thanks to the involvement of local authorities and businesses, the Ginosa & Marina App acts as an innovative meeting point between environmentally-sensitive members of the community and companies willing to accept Eco Tokens generated by the public, creating a vibrant local circular economy.

The App is also a showcase of the Municipality open to anyone, in which local businesses have a self-managed space to sell their products.

Members of the public can use their Eco Tokens to obtain discounts at participating businesses, as well as on municipal services such as parking fees, season tickets, museum entrances and much more besides.

Eco Token Ginosa

How does the App work?

Each user has a personal profile within the App, including a wallet containing 2 digital coins:

Eco Token: the digital asset created every time a member of the public recycles waste, which can be used as a discount or partial payment of items on sale in the stores within the App, together with the Municipality's digital asset.

GinoCoin: the Municipality's authorized digital asset on the platform. With a value of 1:1 with the euro, this wallet can be topped up using any payment method and can be spent in all the stores inside the App.

Eco Tokens can be spent within the App of the Municipality of Ginosa e Marina and in participating shops through online POS systems managed by the storekeepers and connected to the payment system of the platform.

Ginosa is now one of the most digitized and connected municipalities in Italy, in which environmentally-sustainable actions such as recycling materials are rewarded with coins that can be spent within the community itself.


Each Eco Token earned through waste recycling allows members of the community to obtain discounts on services and goods offered by participating companies and the Municipality.

Each GinoCoin transferred onto the App provides automatic access to digital purchases from the network of participating businesses, in what is in effect a pocket-sized municipal eCommerce.


Each Eco Token accepted can be spent in the other stores inside the App or it can be sold to the Municipality in exchange for tax relief. The greater the number of Eco Tokens accepted, the lower the amount of local taxes to be paid.

Each GinoCoin collected from the sale of products and services within the App can be spent in the other stores within the App or can be converted into euros.


Each Eco Token issued is the measurable demonstration of the success of a citizen awareness campaign for environmental sustainability.

Each GinoCoin introduced into the circuit strengthens the local economy and generates a true circular economy for the community, becoming an example of digital transformation excellence within Italy.

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